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The Story of Mei and Zhu by Zhang Shengping & Zhang Lianxi

Zhang Shengping Zhang Lianxi
Suzhou Yangshan Experimental Middle School,No. 9, Shenxiang Road,High tech Zone, Suzhou City,Jiangsu

After graduating from middle school, Mei and I were still the best friends among our female classmates. Because she is beautiful and lively, she has a strong interest in music. She likes singing and dancing. She is tall, has beautiful dancing postures, and enjoys good popularity. She has always been the backbone of literature and art in the school. I am willing to make trouble and laugh with her. In 2024, when we both took the college entrance examination, Mei and I failed to reach the undergraduate level, so we decided to restudy together for one year. Just this summer vacation, Mei and her parents and family moved out of the countryside and settled in a small town, which is the county seat of our county. It has changed its name to Zongzhao City. I'm sorry. In 2025, Mei and I will take the college entrance examination again. After our scores are obtained, we will make slight progress compared with that in 2024. However, both of us are still not on the undergraduate level.

Mei and I went to cram classes and culture cram schools to prepare for the college entrance examination again in 2026.

Although Mei and I are in the same Zongzhao City, we are not together after all. When we miss each other, we call to ask for help and often talk on the phone. The winter vacation was coming soon. Mei tried her best to invite me to visit the city. I was very happy to make the appointment. Mei went to the bus station to meet me. The bus station is not far from the high-speed railway station, but it is a long way from the downtown.

I sat behind Mei's electric bicycle and hugged her waist. The electric bicycle soon went up the busy boulevard. All the way to the north, it passed through NorthGate, crossed the city wall, then passed the Hulu Bridge on the river, crossed the moat, and came to a good new community, Baihe Home. The opposite side of the community is Beihe Park.

I live in Mei's house and sleep on the bed in her boudoir at night. Fortunately, it is a warm winter this year. Mei and I sleep together in the same bed. I am very excited, and Mei is also very excited. Anyway, I can't sleep. Two 20-year-old girls are crowded in the same bed with endless whispers. Mei and I whispered about something that happened during the summer vacation.

It turns out that Mei's aunt and Mei are in the same neighborhood, and they are the two buildings next to each other. Mei and her parents are in Building 24, and her aunt's home is in Building 25. There is Mei's best friend and cousin Ju in her aunt's house. Ju has a cousin, Zhu, who lives in Putuo District, Shanghai. He is a sophomore of Shanghai Jiaotong University and studies in the School of Mathematics and Mechanics. During the summer vacation, He came to visit his uncles and aunts and visit the scenic spots of Zongzhao City.

Just on that day, Mei went to visit her cousin's house and met Zhu. The first time Zhu came to Zongzhao, Mei and Zhu did not know each other. Zhu wore boundless eyes and was also a tall man. What a handsome little brother! Ju introduced Mei and Zhu. Mei is Ju's cousin, and Zhu is Ju's cousin. Zhu is one year older than Mei. Ju said that he should have known this relative since he was very close. One was in Shanghai and the other was paddling in a small town. It's not too late to know each other today. Ju said that from now on, Zhu is Mei's brother and Mei is her sister. Then Ju's parents, Ju, Mei and Zhu, had lunch together. Then Mei, Ju and Zhu and Mei's uncle played cards all afternoon, talking and laughing.

It was agreed that Mei and Ju would accompany Zhu to the scenic spot tomorrow. Unfortunately, Ju fell down the stairs at night. Although it was no big problem, Ju's ankle sprained. Ju hung up the phone to Mei when she was lying on the bed and asked Mei to come home early tomorrow morning to be a tour guide for Zhu. Mei readily agreed to come down.

After breakfast the next day, Mei dressed herself up with theout makeup. Mei knew that she was born beautiful and had a natural beauty. Mei put her hair back in a very natural bun, and another strand of hair rolled down along the front of her ears. A bright red coat was added outside the miniskirt. The length of the coat was longer than the miniskirt, and the skirt of the coat was not connected. Two thin long legs are slim and graceful, and a pair of high heels is very special. They are quietly fixed on Mei's feet by a beautiful ring on each ankle.

When Mei arrived at her cousin's house, Zhu was ready. Mei told her brother Zhu that there is a street in Zongzhao downtown from east to west and then to south, called Hongyeli Avenue, which is composed of four sections, namely Yeting section, Anyi section, Huachuan section (Huachuan Road) and Xiannanjie section turning south. Both sides of the street are full of red leaf plum trees. The spring is colorful. Unfortunately, it is summer now. My brother Zhu has no such fate, but the red plum avenue in summer is also good. All the scenic spots of Zongzhao are like a string of pearls scattered on both sides of Hongyeli Avenue from Anyi Road. From the west to the east, there are Jiading Bridge on Songjing River, Pu Songling's temporary residence, Confucius Temple and Dai's Ancestral Temple (Zu's Ancestral Temple, a cultural relic protection unit in Jiangsu Province). The section entering Huachuan is Huachuan Garden, Linggu Temple (Ningguo Temple), Longtan Park, and then the ancient county government office. Zhou Enlai's Youth Reading Office, the ancient theater and the Babao Pavilion are located in the south section of the county street.


竹:Just  so  so  嗷。(一般般),一般,一般,世界第三。










忽的,竹突然重复哼起了《小薇》里的“我要带你飞到天上去”。梅的心“咯噔”一下,脸“唰”的一下就红了。红到耳根。梅和她的竹哥哥心知肚明,“我要带你飞到天上去”的前一句是:“小薇啊,你可知道,我多爱你”。梅红着脸,心“扑通、扑通”跳个不停,怎么办?怎么办?于是,带着不知哪里来的勇气,梅把牙一咬、心一“横”,反正是自己的竹哥哥,就上前用自己的臂膀挽住了她竹哥哥的臂膀。梅在心里狠狠地想,竹哥哥,你重复,我也重复。你哼,我也哼:“你主宰,我崇拜,没有更好的办法,只能爱你,You  are my superstar!”(SHE你是我的超级明星《You are my  superstar》)


















实际上, 梅竹已经互相加了微信。 在复习迎考的一年里。两个人微信互诉衷肠,迅速升温。梅也认真读书,在高考中旗开得胜。遂把第一志愿由南京师范大学改为上海交通大学。梅顺利被上海交通大学艺术学院模特专业录取。









The two young men talked and laughed, making trouble downstairs while walking, one brother Zhu and one sister Mei. A green "Mei" and a "Zhu" joked.

Zhu: Unexpectedly, my sister Mei is more beautiful than a movie star today. Don't be robbed by bad people.

Mei: I'm not afraid. I have my brother Zhu to protect me. Unless, Brother Zhu has a first arrival in his heart.

Zhu: No.

Mei: I don't believe it! There are so many female students in Shanghai Jiaotong University that none of them have already entered your heart?

Zhu: Not really. Everyone knows that the female students of Shanghai Jiaotong University are not very good looking, because Jiaotong University is an engineering college. Have you ever heard of a "four headed" girl from Jiaotong University?

Mei: The girl from Jiaotong University looked back.

Zhu: The fish still swim on the water. It shows that there is no beautiful girl. The second Jiaotong University girl turned around and scared a teaching building. The female students of Jiaotong University turned around three times, and the flying sand and rolling stones made them sad. The female students of Jiaotong University turned around four times, and Halley's comet hit the earth. It shows that there are many ugly girls in Jiaotong University. There are also six turn back versions and ten turn back versions on the Internet.

Mei and Zhu went south along Hangou North Road and came to the intersection of Hangou North Road and Honyeli Avenue.

Just after Mei and Zhu went out, Ju's family began to fight with each other.

Ju’mother: Ju, you have some ideas. Your feet are getting better so fast. So you fake wrestling! What a sprain! Do you want to be a matchmaker?

Ju: Mei and Zhu are a perfect match. A green "Mei" and a "Zhu" horse. A brother Zhu and a sister Mei. Although they are brothers and sisters, they are not related by blood. The Marriage Law of the Civil Code of the People's Republic of China also supports them!

Ju’s mother: They are still reading!

Ju: Mei and Zhu are a good match.

Ju’s mother: Perfect match, perfect match for your ball! One is in Zongzhao, and the other is in Shanghai. One was studying in 985 University, and the other had to go to cram school again. It's really "heaven and earth".

Ju: Mei spends too much time on music. If Mei can put her music down for the time being, she is a very smart girl. As long as Mei goes all out, there is no problem for her to pass the 211 exam, even if she is a century old school like Nanjing Normal University.

Ju’s father: Don't make any noise. Calm, calm, the highest good is like water!

Ju: The best kind is like water? Dad, do you understand? The highest good is like water. Water is not only still water, including wind, waves and storms, which is the profound meaning of "the highest good is like water". If you can't use it, don't use it indiscriminately.

Ju’s father rolled his eyes and could not speak for a long time.

Ju’s father: Mei and Zhu won't be together. Don't worry. Today Mei is dressed very beautifully. She is not "excited", but she is "demonstrating" to her brother Zhu. We are worried that it is unnecessary. Don't you know that Mei is actually a very arrogant girl?!

Mei ,Zhu entered Huachuan Garden, which is a small garden with Weiyang style. Founded in the Song Dynasty, it has been destroyed and rebuilt several times. After the reform and opening up, Zongzhao has made great progress and gained considerable economic strength. Therefore, Huachuan Garden has been renovated on a large scale to maintain and retain the characteristics and characteristics of the original Weiyang Yangzhou Garden as much as possible.

In the garden, Mei and Zhu are sightseeing. Mei is really like a dedicated tour guide, willing to work hard. Mei introduced her, while Zhu hummed: farewell to the numerous branches, bleak and golden. Let the autumn wind drift, fly with a smile, and travel proudly through the frost. Give up everything, stay in the youth, youth. Come in a dream, go infinitely, cross time and space. Come in a dream, go infinitely, cross time and space. (See the article Composing with Function Images by Zhang Lianxi in the fifth issue of< Music Life> in 2002)

Mei: Brother Zhu, what song are you humming? I've never heard of it!

Zhu: That's right. Because this is the song I just wrote last semester.

Mei: What's the name?

Zhu: Autumn Leaves.

Mei: I think it sounds good. I like music, too. Brother Zhu, give me the score of Autumn Leaves,okay?

Zhu: Of course . 317766 * 317766 * 643322 * 643322 * 00 * 345432323 *.

3176*643322*6432*。 317766*6432*5432323*。 3176*6432*5656531*。

Mei: Brother Zhu, do you have any tips on composition?

Zhu: The focus of composition is skill.

Mei: Brother Zhu, what's your skill?

Zhu: These notes are like playing cards. The fried, rest character, sheet, pair, Shunzi, rammer (three sheets are the same), three belts and one, three dragging two, isochromatic series, Fiboracci series, line segment, parabola, spiral curve and wavy line are all raw materials. It seems that I just bought some food from the vegetable market. Rising is an increasing function, and vice versa. The main techniques are: minor changes, repetition, adjustment, arrangement, combination, montage, taimeng, taige and taimontage.

Mei: Brother Zhu, you have confused me. What montage, taimeng, taige and taimontage.?

Zhu: Mei, to tell you the truth, montage is a permutation combination, Taimeng is an advanced permutation, Taige is an advanced permutation combination, and Taimontage is a more advanced permutation combination.

Mei: Brother Zhu, it seems very difficult to compose music!

Zhu: Not difficult. General composition is very simple. It's just that the melody is not necessarily pleasant. It is easy to compose music, but difficult to produce good works. Skill is not a difficult point. Generally, montage is not used upward. It is a special skill for symphony.

Mei: Brother Zhu, what is the difficulty of composition?

Zhu: The difficulty of composition is to find a beautiful theme. The theme is actually "fire". The firepower should be in place. It should be cooked but not burnt. Skill is the skill of a "cook".

Mei: Brother Zhu, how dare you compose music at that time?

Zhu: Sister Mei, I studied hard. There are many composers in the university, some of whom are funny. Music, it is mixed in 01234567. As a math student, I am afraid of it. Why?

Mei looked at her brother Zhu quietly first, then smiled brightly.

Mei: So you are a cook!

Zhu: Yes, it's the cook, but there are different sizes of cooks!

Mei: Brother Zhu, what kind of cuisine is Autumn Leaves?

Zhu: Can't you taste it? It's the Weiyang cuisine in your hometown!

Mei laughed hysterically and leaned back.

Mei: Brother Zhu, how did you "cook" the dish "Autumn Leaves"? Do you want to keep recipes secret from your sister Mei?

Zhu: Who are we crying with?! When I was drawing a function image, I happened to find the "fire", which is the theme 317766 * 643322. Among them, 31 and 64 are equal difference sequences, and 7766 and 3322 are pairs. Minor changes are 3176 and 6432. At the beginning, the score repeats the main melody. Rest character. The next sentence is 3454,32323, in which 3454 is an equal difference sequence 35 and a pair 44,32323 is three times two. Next, combine 3176 * 643322 * 6432 first, and then arrange 317766 * 6432. In the next sentence, 54,32323, the arithmetic sequence 54 comes first, and three dragged two 32323 comes last. Again, first arrange 3176 * 6432, and finally 56565,31, in which three dragged two 56565 comes first, and the arithmetic sequence 31 comes last.

Mei: Ah, my brother Zhu. It's clever of you to compose music like this. You are no longer clever.

Zhu: Just so so. (average), average, average, third in the world.

Mei laughed and couldn't straighten up.

Zhu: I can't. It's not like those composers.

Mei: Brother Zhu, tell me something.

Zhu: All right. Wang Liping is the Chef of Weiyang cuisine. The first time I listened to Shepherd Song, I was worried that it would not be cooked. However, after serving, it is not only cooked, but also tastes great. With such firepower, 100 cooks and 99 and a half cooks are not familiar with each other. Zhao Jiping is a Chef of Sichuan cuisine. The first time I listened to Red Sorghum, I was worried about burning it. However, after serving, it is not only cooked but also tastes good. With such firepower, 99 and a half of the 100 cooks have to be burnt. They are masters, masters, and masters. Gu Jianfen, a famous Chef. Good at all major cuisines. Expert Expert Expert with profound skill.

Mei: Brother Zhu, how did you think of it?

Zhu: All knowledge is interlinked, because they are all human knowledge. In fact, there are only two problems in one's life: one is the meaning of life. The other  is: Where do I come from? I go there.

Mei: Brother Zhu, how to explore these two issues?

Zhu: Reading. Read thousands of books and travel thousands of miles. There are many books about the meaning of life, such as the Record of Life Philosophy by Professor Zhou Guoping of Shanghai Dictionary Publishing House. To answer the second question, we must first answer "Where does life come from?" You can see the Origin of Species by Charles Darwin of England. The big question is "How did the universe originate, evolve and end?". To discuss this issue, I mainly read three books, all of which were published by Chongqing Publishing House: The Theory of Relativity by Albert Einstein of the United States, The Theory of Celestial Performance by Thomas Huxley of the United Kingdom, and The Theory of Celestial Movement by Nicola Copernicus of Poland.

Mei and Zhu laughed as they played and talked. After noon, they didn't know.

Suddenly, Zhu suddenly repeated the words "I will take you to the sky" in song  ”Xiao Wei”. Mei's heart pounded and her face turned red. Red to the ear. Mei and her brother Zhu knew that the first sentence of "I will take you to the sky" was: "Xiao Wei, do you know how much I love you". Mei blushed and her heart was "plop, plop". What should I do? What should I do? So, with the courage from nowhere, Mei bit her teeth and "crossed her heart". Anyway, it was her brother Zhu, so she went forward and put her arm around her brother's arm. Mei thought hard in her heart, Brother Zhu, you repeat and I repeat. <You are my superstar!>

When entering Baihe Home Community, Mei and Zhu were holding hands, shoulder to shoulder, just holding hands. All this has attracted many eyes of the residents of Baihe Home Community. At the same time, Mei’s mother and Ju’s mother look at it and take it to heart.

The two old sisters sent an ultimatum to Mei and Zhu: "You must make a clean break, and never break up!"!

Mei and Zhu were shocked! It's so close, so far away. Nearby, but far away. Cowherd and Weaver Girl are separated by the Milky Way. Queen Mother, there is one in the sky, but two in the world.

Zhu can't stay any longer. Decided to return to Shanghai immediately. Mei insists on seeing off at the high-speed railway station, but Mei’s mother opposes it. Mei argued, and Mei and Mei’s mother quarreled. At this time, Mei’s father came.

Mei’s father: All right, all right, stop quarrelling. After careful investigation and careful study, Mei's father and mother finally made the following decision: Now they agree to see Mei off her brother Zhu at the high-speed railway station. This reply. specific date.

Mei: Dad!

Mei threw herself into Mei's father's arms and cried bitterly.

On the day of seeing off, everything was in silence.

Outside the pavilion, beside the ancient road. The grass is green to the sky. The evening wind blows the willows and the flute sound is residual. The setting sun is outside the mountain. The end of the world, the corner of the earth, friends half scattered. A pot of stale wine makes me happy, and I don't dream of cold today. ("Tonight" has changed to "today", indicating the number of high-speed trains in the morning or during the day)

Before I knew it, it was dawn. Mei finished her story. After breakfast, Mei sent me all the way to the south gate of Baihe Home Community. Mei wanted to continue to send me, but I didn't let her.

I walked out of the south gate of the community alone, walked along Xinbao Road (Xinbao Road) and went east to the intersection of Xinbao Road and Baitian Middle Road, which is a Bus Stop. Bus No. 286 to the terminal (Zongzhao High speed Railway Station and Long distance and Short distance Bus Station) will pass here.

While waiting for the bus, I hummed "Desire": How many past events, as if it were yesterday. How many friends have you had? It seems that you are still around…… Now I raise my glass to wish a good man a safe life!

Alas, "It's hard to be a water after all the vicissitudes of life, except for Wushan, it's not a cloud"!

Huh? Isn't this the No. 286 bus? I'll get on the bus and go home.

Goodbye, you!

The story of Mei   and  Zhu. Outline. This story is purely fictitious. If there are similarities, it is purely coincidental.

Zhu, Ju's cousin, is a sophomore in the School of Mathematics and Mechanics of Shanghai Jiaotong University. Ju's cousin Mei, who likes art, singing and dancing, is the backbone of the school's literature and art. Sprint the college entrance examination in the cultural cram school. During the summer vacation, Zhu from Putuo District, Shanghai, went to Zongzhao City to see his uncle and aunt and got to know Mei. They love each other. She was strongly opposed by the Mei’s mother and Ju’s mother. However, Zhu had to return to Shanghai. (This paragraph is the short story "The Story of Mei and Zhu")

In fact, Mei Zhu has added Wechat to each other. In the year of reviewing for the exam. The two wechat chat with each other and become more and more popular. Mei also studied hard and won the college entrance examination. So the first volunteer was changed from Nanjing Normal University to Shanghai Jiaotong University. Mei was successfully accepted as a model major by the Art College of Shanghai Jiaotong University.

At Jiaotong University, Mei is outstanding and has many pursuers. Zhu feels pressure. Mei and Zhu are on and off, but the scissors are still in disorder. Once, when Mei was about to be kissed by a suitor Hou , Zhu appeared in time. Mei is now the school flower of Jiaotong University. Zhu also thinks Mei is too beautiful and may not be suitable for himself. Therefore, Zhu is in a dilemma.

Zhu graduated. The world evaporated without saying hello to Mei. Mei thought that Zhu could not escape. Just ask her cousin Ju to know the whereabouts of Zhu. So Mei was not worried. Mei estimated that Zhu must be working in Putuo District, Shanghai.

Soon, Mei also graduated. She works as a professional model in a clothing company in Putuo District, Shanghai. Hou is also in this company. Hou cares about Mei and Mei is very moved. The two people walked very close. Hou is also a very handsome young man, but his stature doesn't match Mei very well. Mei is 1 . 78 meters, Hou is 1 . 77 meters, and Zhu is 1 . 90 meters.

Mei didn't ask her cousin Ju. She wants to find Zhu in her own way. In Putuo District, Mei tried all kinds of methods to find Zhu, but in the end, she got nothing.

It's New Year's Day. Mei returned to Zongzhao City alone. Mei was very surprised when she met Zhu on Baitian Middle Road. It turned out that after graduation, Zhu came to work in Zongzhao City and bought a 140 square meter house in Baihe Homeland 60 # 102. Two people live in the same community. Baihe Home. This time, two people came to Baihe Home hand in hand, side by side, which also attracted many eyes of residents in the community. However, this time, both Ju’s mother and Mei’s mother were happy to open their mouths.

Mei quit her job in Putuo District, came to Zongzhao City, her hometown, and finally married her lover Zhu.On the wedding day, Hou suddenly appeared and made a big noise, which cast a shadow on Mei and  Zhu's honeymoon.

One year later, Mei and Zhu's daughter Lan was born. (End)

Written by Zhang Lianxi on August 16, 2022

Near Beihe Park, Baitian Middle Road, Baoying County, Jiangsu Province, Baihe Home 6-102

Zhang Lianxi was born in May 1962. He graduated from Nanjing Normal University in July 1982 with a bachelor's degree. Lecturer level in 1991, associate professor level in 2000. The subtropical high is level 5.

梅Mei         Plum blossom

兰Lan        Orchids

竹Zhu       Bamboo

菊Ju         Chrysanthemum

荷Hou       Lotus leaf


















两个年轻人有说有笑,边走边闹地下楼,一个竹哥哥,一个梅妹妹。一个青“梅”,一个 “竹”马地开着玩笑。


















菊:上善若水?老爸,你究竟懂不懂啊?上善若水,水不仅是静水,包括风浪和风暴, 才是“上善若水”的深意。不会用,就不要乱用。











竹:Of course.(当然)317766*317766*643322*643322*00*345432323*。